31 Short And Inspirational Four Word Quotes

you live only once quotes
You Live Only Once

You Live Only Once.
I don’t know if there is afterlife or rebirth, but I am pretty sure that we have this life.  So if you want to do something, do it now. Say what you want to say, eat what you want to eat, listen to your favorite band and finish your unfinished projects. In addition to all of this, more importantly, start living because you live only once.

you are your choices quotes
You Are Your Choices

You are your choices – Seneca
You are your choice, not others. If you want to do something, do that and if you don’t want to do that thing, don’t do that. Both ways you are right and no one is going to complaint about it, if you are firm in your decision. However, if you let others choose things for you, you are surely in trouble.  And this is why you regret now because you have let others to decide it for you.

Just shake it off and start afresh. Make your decisions and stand by them. Because, in the end, you are your choices.

responsbility quotes
Whatever Happens, Take Responsibility

Whatever happens, take responsibility – Tony Robbins
Don’t regret if anything don’t go well according to your plans. People make mistakes and it is part of the life. But one need to move on. Just take the responsibility of what happened. Understand the cause of your failure, and improve yourself. Make a fresh start. This time, it is going to work.

william shakespeare quotes short
What’s Done is Done

What’s done is done. – William Shakespeare
Like I have said in my previous point, sometimes plans don’t work, even when they are the most amazing plans on the paper.  This is life and deal with it. So what’s done is done. Don’t cry too much. Now move on. Learn from your past and make it count instead of crying.

love is everything 4 word quotes
Ultimately Love is Everything

Ultimately love is everything. – M. Scott Peck
You know what is the most powerful thing in this world?

The Love.

If something bad happens, like you label it. And still, your family and friends love you, you know it was not that bad. They know you have tried. It is just that things did not work out.  They still love you.

Be a sport. Don’t sit like a loser. Try again. Get it now. Because they love you and love is everything, you need in your life.

too clever is dumb 4 word quotes
Too Clever is Dumb

Too clever is dumb. – Ogden Nash
They say don’t act dumb but they also say don’t act too clever. Because they know, acting too clever, end you up in the shit. So what you need to, just keep it simple.

thoughts wisdom
Thoughts Rule The World.

Thoughts rule the world. – Ralph Waldo Emerson
A single thought can change everything. It can make you do things that you believe you cannot do. Because thoughts rule the world.

think outside the box quotes
Think Outside The Box

Think outside the box.
I have heard it, a thousand time, think outside the box, but how? The answer is simple. Just don’t follow the herd. Listen to your heart (or brain).  Do it like you want to do. It is not that you are going to succeed in your first attempt but you are going to succeed, eventually in your next few attempts.

paint the town red 4 word phrases
Paint The Town Red.

Paint the town red.
Enough talk. Start working on what you want to do. Just Paint the town RED.

faith can move mountains quotes
Faith Can Move Mountains

Faith can move mountains.
Have a little faith in yourself. Because your friends and family have faith in you. Because they know, you can do it. You know why? Faith can move the mountains.

follow your own star believe yourself quotes
Follow Your Own Star

Follow your own star.
Don’t buy others. Follow your instincts. Follow your own star. Be who you want to be.

god short quotes 4 words
God Doesn’t Make Junk

God doesn’t make junk.
If you believe in god or not. Everything you can imagine is here for a reason. And so are you, because God doesn’t make a junk.

funny life four word quote
What is Normal Anyway?

What is normal anyway?
Think of a normal person if you can. Can you really define him or her normal? You will say, he is either bored or insane. So what is normal anyway?

happiness aristotle stoic quotes
Happiness Depend On Ourselves.

Happiness depends upon ourselves. – Aristotle
Aristotle, once said, Happiness depends upon ourselves. By this, he meant, in order to live a happy life, one need to make his/her decisions, and stand by those decisions.

starting up now inspirational
It’s never too late.

It’s never too late.
So what are you waiting for? It’s never too late to start again. All you need to believe in yourself.

new business starting up phrases
Beginnings Are Always Messy

Beginnings are always messy. – John Galsworth
Beginnings. Yup, they are kind of messy things. Even, you are going to fail, if you have not done your homework. But then, who said it is going to be easy.

funny confusion saying
Yes, No, Maybe So.

Yes, No, Maybe So.
Don’t confuse your mind with YES, NO or MAYBE SO. Just be clear, say YES or NO, and never get into Maybe so.

never doubt yourself
Never Doubt Your Instinct

Never doubt your instinct.
If you believe, this is the way to do it, this is the way, and if you don’t believe, this is not and then this is not. Never doubt your instincts, never get into Yes, No, Maybe So mode.

work hard show humility
Work Hard, Stay Humble

Work hard stay humble.
Don’t get carried away with your little success. Stay calm and work hard. If you don’t, you are going to end up where you first started.

Courage Doesn't Always Roar.
Courage Doesn’t Always Roar.

Courage doesn’t always roar. – Mary Anne Radmacher
The difference between really successful and marginally successful (or failed) people is that really successful people don’t show off. They treat everyone equally, and they speak through their work.

future hope life saying
Tomorrow is another day.

Tomorrow is another day.
Celebrate your little success, learn from your past mistakes, and remember, tomorrow is another day. You still have some work to finish. You still have miles to go.

dance life phrases
Dance Lightly With Life.

Dance lightly with life. – Jonathan Lockwood Huie
Don’t forget your family and love ones who are with you in your bad time. Now, you are successful, it is unfair to ditch them. Just be with them when they need you. Show them, you are the same person as you were in the past. Take out a moment or two, celebrate the life with your family and friends. Just dance lightly with life.

go for it phrase
Just Go For It.

Just go for it.
Whenever the opportunity strikes, just go for it. Because there is no time for waiting.

Ride Like The Wind
Ride Like The Wind

Ride like the wind.
Take it easy. Ride like the wind and make the best out of it.

Nobody Cares About It.
Nobody Cares About It.

Nobody cares about it.
Nobody really cares whether you win or lose. Moreover, people who cares, going to be with you, in any case. So don’t think much about winning or losing, think about growing. Think about bettering yourself.

Don't Worry Be Happy
Don’t Worry Be Happy

Don’t worry, be happy.
Listen to Bob.

Think Less, Feel More.
Think Less, Feel More.

Think Less. Feel More.
Thinking much is not going to get you anywhere. So think less, feel more, and enjoy life. 😉

Enjoy The Little Things
Enjoy The Little Things

Enjoy the little things.
Don’t lose yourself in the rush. Always remember, why you first started and what you wanted to be in first place. Sometimes, take a little break, enjoy the little things. Enjoy the little moments.

surfing quotes
Your Time is Now

Your Time is Now.
It’s your time. So Make a move.

Success And Nothing Less
Success And Nothing Less

Success and nothing less.
This time, Success and nothing more. Because you know why.

No Feeling is Final
No Feeling is Final

No feeling is final. – Rainer Marie Rlike
Always Remember, No feeling is final. Everything is just a start of something new. So what are you waiting for get into the task. And do report me, what are you feeling now. 😉

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    1. thank you Somali mam, but you need to blame the Hemingway for such concept, As one legend hold, Hemingway was ask to write a six word story and he does come up with one. So thanks to him, I got inspired to write this post.

      There is also a 2011 movie calls, That’s What I Am which also fueled me to write this post, in which a teacher send his entry to a contest and contest was to find a solution for world peace in less than 25 words. He does the trick with four words, Human Dignity + Compassion = PEACE.

      I believe few and poweful words always do the trick.


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