Sunday, August 19, 2018

Is there no alternative to Mr. Narendra Modi?

Is there no alternative to Mr. Narendra Modi?
What is the alternative to Mr. Narendra Modi?, a question now and then thrown upon you when you try to reason his policies in front of any Modi fan or a casual political debater.

Meanwhile, you are going to come up with a name, they will interrupt you and say, "Are you thinking of Pappu?" Gone are the good old days when Pappu was the name of your beloved maternal uncle. You are dumbfounded and you want to say "No", but without waiting for your reply, they will also label you 'Pappu' and say, "you deserve a person like that."

You still want to say something, but the argument is already over, and you also have fallen into the trap of there is no alternative to Mr. Narendra Modi.

I believe when you say, "there is no alternative to Mr. Narendra Modi." You are undermining the political culture of our country. The same political culture which gave Janata Party when Indira Gandhi and Congress were thinking the same that there is no alternative to them.

There always be an alternative. You might not able to look up right now, but there always be. Just believe in democracy.

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  1. You are right that there might be alternative to our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi but it is yet to be seen. We know that the government if elected then it will be there for 5 years. But currently there is no option other than our current Prime Minister. I am not die hard supporter of any Political Party but actually this is true.