Clumsy Me!

On a fateful day last summer, as I dragged my soulless body homeward along the violet line, a sweet incident happened. Amidst the bustling crowd at the Lajpat Nagar Metro Station, a girl, in her exalting rush, unintentionally dislodged my wired earphones. Though her apology was accompanied by a sweet grin and a gentle adjustment of her left ear, my private Ray LaMontagne concert had come to an abrupt halt.

As the girl settled into a seat among those reserved for female passengers, her apologetic gaze still fixed on me. I feigned distraction. Busied me with the phone. But I couldn't escape the knowing "Moment Hain!" glance of a fellow passenger seated beside her.

However, it was a YouTube notification that helped me recollect my thoughts. I first thought it was another YouTube Premium renewal reminder, but it said, "Watch The Ranveer Show with EAM Dr. S. Jaishankar." I wondered, why he needed this. However, I swiped the notification away and silently pleaded with Ray to resume his melodic reverie before my sanity faded.

Days passed without a trace of the girl, yet a barrage of similar notifications flooded my screen, each with a new Minister or YouTuber/Interviewer.

Dr. S. Jaishankar's memes became part of a YouTube Short staple.

And as it always happens, with weeks turned into months, Earth nearing completion of its annual cosmic dance, Saitama killing thousands of S-class monsters with one punch, India's heartbreak in the 2023 Cricket World Cup Finals, and the soaring heights of Indian Markets, YouTube ceased showing TRS clips.

Until today.

Today when I searched for updates on Indian Elections, our boy YouTube again showed a TRS clip with a new political leader. Meanwhile, in a twist of fate, I crossed paths with the girl again. She dislodged my earphones again. She offered a sheepish apology again. But this time adding a new phrase, "Clumsy Me!" And unlike that day, we laughed.

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