Good Handwriting Tips From Gandhi

Good Handwriting Tips From Gandhi
I confess, my handwriting is not something I am very proud of, but I am not also ashamed of it. It lingers somewhere between the grey area of seemingly readable and not so freaking bad.

However, the reason for writing this very specific post is my Younger Brother.

His handwriting sucks. And today, he asked me for the help.

It is hard to read anything, he jots down with his pen or pencil or any other instrument of writing. (Sorry for being a jerk here :P)

So, to you, my little brother and everyone else, the answer to good handwriting lies in following Gandhi.

Yes, you heard it right.

Follow Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.

The Young Gandhi, like you and everyone else, used to think good handwriting is not a necessary part of the education. So, like you and everyone else, he decided to not focus on handwriting, which ended up in one of his biggest regrets.

Something which he confessed in his memoir, My Experiment With Truth,

I do not know whence I got the notion that good handwriting was not a necessary part of education, but I retained it until I went to England. When later, especially in South Africa, I saw the beautiful handwriting of lawyers and young men born and educated in South Africa, I was ashamed of myself and repented of my neglect.
He further went on saying,

I saw that bad handwriting should be regarded as a sign of an imperfect education.

Though he was not able to improve his handwriting in his lifetime, but he gave a valuable tip on how to do so, i.e. how to improve your handwriting.

I am now of opinion that children should first be taught the art of drawing before learning how to write. Let the child learn his letters by observation as he does different objects, such as flowers, birds, etc., and let him learn handwriting only after he has learnt to draw objects. He will then write a beautifully formed hand.

So, my dear brother and everyone else, just get a pencil and start scribbling down anything or everything that comes to your mind, whenever you have a little time. Don't worry! Your handwriting will improve.

Note: To those who believe in scientifically backed up facts. Check this Research Article.


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    Would love to know from someone like you about what I could work on.
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