The Art of Good Writing - Tips from the Mahabharata - A Story

Writing Tips from the Mahabharata
The Art of Good Writing - Tips from the Mahabharata (Image Source: Pixabay)
"You know, there is something for everyone in this book", the Old Man said pointing toward the copy of Penguin's translation of the Mahabharata by Bibek Debroy, I was holding in my hand, in front of the Dyal Singh Public Library's Religion section.

When I turned toward him to acknowledge, he continued, "both greatest of leaders and greatest of dictators have read the Mahabharata, and found something that suited to their ideologies", on which I nodded in approval and then, without waiting for my response, he queried, "So, what are you looking for, Mr. Future Dictator?"

I nonchalantly replied, "Don't know."

To which, he smiled and said, "Then, you will find out."

He pointed toward the copy of the Mahabharata by C. Rajagopalchari and said, "if you are starting out."

I said, "Okay", but I still picked Bibek Debroy and start reading after the Old Man left.

After forty-seven minutes (approximately) of reading (or struggle), I realized, it will be impossible to finish Bibek Debroy in a week or two and like every other smarty pants, I switched to C. Rajagopalchari.

After an hour, when I was waiting for Badarpur Violet Line at ITO Metro Station, the Old Man, out of nowhere appeared in front of me, and asked, "What you got, Mr. Future Dictator?"

I showed him both Rajagopalchari and Debroy, and then he said, "You are like what I have thought."

After boarding the Metro, we talked about the Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharata and the Great Indian Politics.

I don't know, what tickled me, I asked him, "what do you do, Sir?"

To which he replied, "I am a columnist at the Tribune."

I, "The Tribune."

The Old Man, "The Tribune, with which, Dyal Singh Public Library shares its campus."

I, "So what you have found with this."

He replied, "The art of prolixity, wordiness, and hack writing. Always remember, how they have turned Jaya of Vyasa into the Mahabharata of Ugrashravas"

I burst into laughter and to which he said, "Damn You! Mr. Future Dictator,” and start laughing.

Now, I realized, after finishing up both Rajagopalchari and Debroy, how correct was he, i.e., how to write better, create interweaving stories or new worlds (or describe for say, if you are a student) and everything else. :)


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