Top 15 Marathi Blogs You Should Be Reading Now

Top Marathi Blog List
Top 15 Marathi Blogs
I was randomly surfing Indiblogger, when I discovered a pandora of beautifully crafted blogs in Hindi, Marathi, Telegu, Tamil, and Sanskrit. At that point of time, I was completely taken aback by the vastness and grandness of the Indian Blogosphere.

The first thing that came to my mind, so many blogs and so less time to read.

There is another thing that came up to my mind that these blogs have not found their share of fandom. They are just waiting to be discovered, and on another hand, people complain about not good number of blogs in regional languages to read. So I have decided to create a listicle series about these hidden gems. And hope for the best.

Today, I am starting with the Marathi blogs. I don't have any particular reason for selecting Marathi. One can say it is because of my love for Marathi Drama’s (Tamasha) that started with Vijay Tendulkar’s Ghashiram Kotwal.

Anudini by Rohan Jagtap is a blog about the daily struggle of an average human soul i.e. the struggle of you and me.

Rohan’s last post Ignorant of Education (अज्ञानाचे शिक्षण) is beautiful example of that struggle.

Mantralay Live
Mantralay Live is a political news and commentary blog by Tushar Bhambre. It discusses the Marathi and national politics.

The latest read on Mantralay Live talks about the need for the public participation in rural development.

Tech Varta
Tech Varta is another Marathi blog by Tushar Bhambre. The blog explores the latest happenings in the tech world through the lens of a Marathi techno-manush.

The latest read on Tech Varta is स्मार्टफोनलाच बनवा ड्रोन (Transpire Mobile Phones to Drones)

Manjhi Vanmayaseti (माझी वाङ्मयशेती)
Manjhi Vanmayaseti is a beautifully penned blog by Gangadhar Mute. Mute voices Marathi farmers with his simple poems and write-ups.

The latest read on Manjhi Vnmayaseti is a beautiful poem about Ravana Dahana.

Life is a cycle of mausams and each mausam has its own colors, and Mohana Joglekar shares the experiences of these beautiful colours with her poetry, short stories, and articles.

The latest read on Mausam is झलक

Vyanga Chitra
Vyanga Chitra by Mahendra Bhawsar is Oatmeal of Marathi Blogosphere. Bhawsar shares sketches that mocks society and politicians, equally.

Bhawsar is not complete anti-social, he also cherishes and celebrates the things that needed to be cherished and celebrated.

Bhawsar’s last cartoon sketch on Vyanga Chitra is अग्निपंखांची आतषबाजी (A cartoon strip on Dr. Abdul Kalam).

Mi Anu
Mi Anu is a delightful read for all those short stories lovers. Anuradha Kulkarni of Mi Anu shares beautiful short stories in Marathi that explores different shades of life.

The latest read on Mi Anu is परत चावडी

College To Corporate
Vinod Bidwaik of College to corporate shares tips on college to the corporate life transition. I believe a must read for all those young college goers.

The latest post on College To Corporate is काय तो निर्णय घ्याच!

Mitraho, which literally means friends in Marathi, is another beautiful story blog for people who love to read short stories in Marathi. Here, Parvin Kavadkar shares beautiful short stories on love, life, friendship and every other walk of life.

The latest read on Mitraho is जंग्या रघू आणि कंपनी

If you love Marathi poetry, then Gunjarav by Milind Phanse is one destination for you.

The latest read on Gunjarav is शहाणे वागती रीतीप्रमाणे (Wise Manner Whatsoever (a loose translation))

Some blogs that are worth mentioning Nimmit by Subhash Inamdar, Mukbadhir by Santosh Waghmode, Sahyadri Bana by Prakash Pol, Aatalyaaahit Maanoos by Neeraja Patwardhan and Manjhe Spandan.

Note: You can also check top 10 Hindi blogs if you are searching for some good Hindi blogs.

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