Deteriorating State of Indian Student Politics

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Deteriorating State of Student Politics
What happened in Kerala and West Bengal is scornful but what happened in Delhi and Pune is also disdainful. One cannot say, if someone has done wrong, it grants you the right to do the same. This is not how Student Politics function.

Student Politics which was considered to be the Ksheer Sagar for the manthan of new ideas has become a pity playground for the mainstream politicians to play out their propaganda. Whichever political party it is? All of them are doing the same i.e. using their young and student activists as mere puppets.

It was appreciable when Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) stood along with Delhi University Teacher’s Association (DUTA) in protest against anti-teacher UGC notification, last year June 2016. It was also highly commendable when three student leaders of ABVP JNU wing resigned from their posts on the basis of their ideological differences from their mainstream leaders. It was again considerable when ABVP worked toward the introduction of maternity leaves for women Ph.D. scholars. This is how Student Politics should work, challenging the authority, creating the pathway for new ideas to flow in and work toward student’s welfare.

On another hand, the acts of hooliganism simply discredit your all good work. In the land of rich vaad-vivaad tradition, a problem can be tackled with a dialogue, not by violence. Such acts of hooliganism, in Delhi, Pune, Kerala, Bengal and elsewhere, shows your disability to argue in a proper way. Moreover, these acts reveal falling psyche and leadership qualities of you young student political activists.

Just think.

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