A Simple Truth About The Truth

A Higher Truth About The Truth/Source: George Hodan
There is a strange yet beautiful thing about the truth. I mean, if you take a deep breathe and look around for a while, you will find that there is no single major truth. Instead, there are multiple truths.

There is a truth beneath your truth and there is a truth above your truth. Though we easily approve the lower truth, but we find it hard to accept the higher truth. And one day, for the ignorance of the same higher truth, we pay the hefty price.

Let me explain the above point with a little story. Hope, it will present my case with more clarity.

There was a little red fish that used to live with a hundred different fishes in a captive pond. By some freak of nature, they never saw the world outside their captivity zone.

The man, who kept these fishes in the captivity, fed them on time, changed the pond’s water regularly, and did other things in his full capacity.

But the little red fish somehow knew that it is a trap, and there is something bigger than this golden frap. Though other fish except one did not believe in such theories and they used to call her stupid conferere.

She did not blame them for such rude behavior as she did not have any proof in her favor. The only thing which kept her going was her friend who never thought she is a goof or fiend.

The other one was also helpless as she did not know what is outside. But they together believed in something which made other terrified.

One day, in that captivity, a fish died due to some bizarre disease or maybe a fight.

The vet checked the pond and called it a water-borne infection. He advised the man to release them into the river to avoid any bad situation.

The man was a great fish lover and did not want them any harm. So, he released them as soon as possible in a nearby bourne.

A few days later, all fish except two, died.

One who believed in the higher truth and one who believed that it can be possible too.

I think, like those dead fish, we are confined to our own single truth. But the problem is that our truth is not the only truth. It is just a part of the higher truth. And we should learn to accept other truths in order to know the real truth.

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