The Question: To Vote Or Not To Vote

The question: To vote or not to vote
Sometimes, the choice is not that simple i.e. black or white. Sometimes, you need to choose between white and white or black and black. What you will choose, a brighter white or darker black or just leave it upon someone else to decide it for you.

An Amriki friend of mine made a facebook rant about upcoming the United States Presidential Elections that either with Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, they are going to be doomed anyway, so it is good, not to vote.

Indeed, it is a hard choice but you can’t say that you are not going to vote. Because in end of the day, it is going to affect you the most.

One may argue that things (violence and inequality) will remain same and it will be like choosing your oppressor, but you also need to learn,

Both equality and non-violence are crap, there always be inequality and violence because we are humans, not robots. There will be a section of society who will use violent methods to bring equality and there will be a section who will work peacefully to bring undesirable changes. The politicians, mere act as police for the system. What we can do, to choose people who are capable of handling the system and bridge the gap between each section of the society.

Secondly, voting never equals to change. It is wrong to say, voting equals to change, but in actuality, voting is a step toward change among thousand of steps. To change, you need to constantly fight for it, and only then, you can achieve the change. Even when you bring the change, you need to fight for it to sustain the change.

So whether you go with Clinton, or Trump or anyone else (remember, you also have the third and fourth choice), the only thing that matters you vote.

I have gone through similar kind of sentiments during Indian General Elections 2014. Till now, it turns not that bad.

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