Look at Me and Just Keep Looking at Me

Look At Me
If I ask you to think like a television, what will you think? How will you describe yourself? I mean, What do you really want?

Todd Alcott faced the similar kind of trouble when Skip Blumberg asked him to write down a piece for The 90’s, an award-winning weekly show, which worked as a televised mirror of the decade. To which, Alcott came up with this magnificent piece, Television.

If you go through the piece, you might find the similarity with something that is in your hand and it might happen, you are reading this post on that very thing. Yes, your phone.

Now enjoy the piece and do tell me whether I am right in my deduction or not.

Television is a drug. from Beth Fulton on Vimeo.

The above is jazzed up version of the Television by Beth Fulton and here, you can watch the original piece, The Television by Todd Alcott himself. Go to 43:19 if you are only interested in the piece, not full episode.

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