Negative Thoughts Not Allowed

Negative Thoughts Not Allowed
Negative Thoughts Not Allowed
Once, a noble King found a baby elephant during his game. The King took the baby elephant under his protection and ordered his ministers to take special care of him. The baby elephant grew up with jolly and pleasing manner. But out of sudden, he became a menace.

The King was not happy with the development. So he ordered an inquiry regarding the ill manners displayed by the baby elephant. His minister learn, in past few days, there are men of quarrelsome nature and bad mouth used to sit in front of the baby elephant in the nighttime and engage in gambling and quarrel.

On learning about the men, King ordered some wise men to sit along with the baby elephant and get rid of those quarrelsome men. In no matter of time, the baby elephant returns to his former self, ever jubilant and pleasing.

In reality, we do not have any chaperone that will look after us, except for few lucky ones. It is only us who need to take care of ourselves. We are going to meet all kinds of people. Some of them are positive and some of them are negative, though most of them fall in latter category. It is by no mean, we have the powers to not face them. In spite of all the ignorance, we somehow going to encounter them. We still need to work with them. And in that process, we also get infected by their negativity.

The answer to immune ourselves from the negativity is to develop a filter. A filter that will only allow to inflow the positivity and refrain what is left out.

If you revisit the King and the baby elephant story, you might learn how negativity actually affects you. When you first contracted with negative thoughts, they affect your mood. When you have negative mood, it reflects in your action. And when your actions are negative, they become your destiny. So before you start blaming your destiny, it is better to develop that filter.

The filter is not an exceptional thing. It is something that you already have, but you are not aware of it. The problem is to know that you have such a mechanism and to use that mechanism. It is you and your self-imposed restriction that not allowing to the filter mechanism to work. In order to make it work, you need become aware of yourself, and only then, you can see the magic.

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