Life Goal Setting: How To Set Goals And Achieve Them

How To Set Goals And Achieve Them
How To Set Goals And Achieve Them
There is always a moment or two to take a seat and consider what you really want to do with your life. If you are going to say, you don’t have time to think all about this because you are daftly engaged with your desk job or frivolously looking at the red dots making some random number on a big digital clock hanging at the Subway or unwittingly watching movies on Netflix without really having the chill. Then you need to seriously consider what are your life goals?

However, before knowing about your life goals and developing an action plan to achieve them, you need to learn, why is it important to set goals.

Why Are Goals Important?
Goals are essential to life. They are not only measurement of our accomplishments. In actuality, they are measurement of our persona. Like they say, what you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. In short, you can say goals provide a meaning and purpose to life. Goals free our wings and allow us to be ourselves. So it is important to have life goals, and a desire to accomplish them, in case you want to know about life.

How To Set Goals And Achieve Them?
A goal is just a wish with a plan and time deadline. Now, you have heard it, very definition of a life goal. All you need to do to identify all your wishes, note them down and accomplish them, one by one. If you are still confused, let me elaborate it for you.

Define Your Goals
Though it seems bit hard but first you need to define what you want to do with your life. Like I have said earlier, a goal is just a wish with a plan and time deadline. By considering this definition, your wishes are your goals. It could be anything, learning a second language, weight loss, and going for journey/pilgrimage, something that really means to you and add value to your life.

As I have said, it is bit hard to define your life goals. If you are unable to figure out, then start with short term goals, i.e. something that you want to achieve in next six months. Later, figure out your long term life goals.

Write Them Down
Write down your goals on a paper or a secret notebook. Also, write down why these are important to you and set a time deadline by which you want to achieve these goals. It will work as a reminder and force you to abide by your goals.

Prioritize Your Goals
Sort down your goals based on their value and time requirement. Sort them down in two broad categories, what you want to achieve in next six months, short term goals and in next five years or so, long term goals. For example,

Short Term Goals
1. Visit mom and dad.
2. Learn a second language.
3. Learn to play guitar.
4. Go for a vacation.

Long Term Goals
Career – Where you want to be in next five years?
Finance – How much money you want to save in next five years?
Family – Want to get married and start your family.
Education – Is there any skill you want to acquire?
Aspiring – Want to have a house and a car.
Attitude – Want to quit smoking.
Artistic – Want to write a book or paint or create something of own.
Spiritual – How to make world a better place?

Take Your First Step
Once you have decided your life goals, it’s time to take your first step. Like Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu has said, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. If you are confused about your first step, your first step should be to create an action plan i.e. a plan to achieve your goals, how you need to work out and what resources you will require. After that, it’s time to take another step, then another and so on.

Start with your short term life goals. They will provide a sense of accomplishment and success to you, and work as a source of motivation to achieve your higher life goals.

Keep Moving Forward
There will be problems, and there will be many of them, but that’s what a goal, all about. Have you ever seen a player in a soccer game, scoring a goal without clearing defence and goalkeeper. You need to learn how to get pass through all of your problems, and score the goal. If failed, try and try again, you will certainly going to get through it.

Get a mentor or ask someone for help, there is no shame in that, and it might happen, they have gone through all of this, there experience will work magic for you. If you still can’t pass through, there is also no shame in rejigging your players (priorities) and get on the task, after achieving your other goals. It might also happen, that your newfound knowledge and motivation (by achieving your other life goals) will do the trick. It is all about moving forward.

Now, you have reached your goal, it is time to celebrate. Thanks everyone who has helped you in realizing your goal and motivate others to achieve their goals. Though the journey doesn’t stop here, it is just a beginning, think about your new journey, your new goals.

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