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Focus on the details/Image Source: Kaboompics
Yesterday, when I was having the evening tea with my Chachu, he pointed out the prism effect shown by my flat’s windows. It was strange and majestic at the same time. Until the sunset, I enjoyed the colorful interplay of the vibgyor. But one thing that strikes me, I am living in the very same flat for past seven years and how could I never observe such a beautiful thing.

Though it was not the one discovery, I made yesterday, I also came to learn the beauty of my locality by chance. In the east, you have a thermal power station with two gigantic chimneys, but if you look that again, it looks like a huge ship, stalled somewhere in the middle of the city, ready to sail and still pumping out the smoke. There you also have Metro running on every six and half minute precisely, don’t know why. In the west, you can see the traffic snailing its way to reach its destination. In the south, you can see an array of buildings, engaged in some sort of conversation. And finally, in the north, you can see little kids busy with little nuances of their business.

Today, Chachu asked me to accompany him to Sadar Bazaar. As I have nothing to do, I said okay. When we reached the Bazaar, Chachu was straight into his business. All I have to do to act like a coolie, I was carrying his bags, and watching him making the negotiations and giving me another bag to carry. He was very specific about the details. He knows what he wants and does not settle with any below the par thing. On one occasion, he did, but on that very occasion, he almost got the product at half the price.

When we reached home in evening and engaged in the talk with our cup of tea. I complemented him on his negotiation skills. And to which he gave credit to paying attention to the details. He said, “If you focus on the details, you learn every bit about the product, and it is how you get successful. I mean focusing on tiny things might look stupid but it can get you the best product. And when the details are not important, it can get you the product at heavy discount.”

After finishing his cup of tea, he continues, “Though not in business but also in life if you focus on the little things, they are very source of happiness and they can get you far ahead in life. Just think about it.”

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