27 Things Adults Can Learn From Children

Someone posted a question on my office forum, “What an adult can learn from the children?” And the first thing that struck me, What is not? I believe it is not parents who teach a kid. It is the kid who teaches them. You might have read my stories featuring Harsha and Manaar. Moreover, how they taught me to relook at things with a fresh perspective.

Things Adults Can Learn From Children: Curiosity
Curiosity Quotes
1. Curiosity
They are curious about everything. They will bombard you with the silliest questions, without thinking twice. Anything that matters to them is learning.

2. Fearlessness
They are immune to fear. They are not afraid of trying new things and doing new stuff. They don’t think what others will think. All they think of having the fun.

3. Help
They help people without thinking of any favor in return. They help because they want others to be happy. They help because they know people are vulnerable and they also need help. Moreover, someday, when they need help, they don’t have any qualm over asking help. They ask for help when they need help. One thing at which we adults miserably fail.

4. Meeting New People
Look at kids in a public park or restaurants. They don’t have any issues talking to new people and playing with them. Unless they told not to do so. All they want to have some good time. And it’s totally valid. We, on another hand, go out dinner with the same set of people, talk about the same stuff that we have talked on the last Sunday. So on and so that but we never allow a new person to enter in our life.

5. Forgiveness
One thing I absolutely love about children that how easily they forgive and forget. They know there are many important things to think about (or not ;)). So, it is better to not fuss about them and move on.

6. Smiles, Hugs, and Kisses
They smile, hug, and kiss anywhere and anytime. They shower their love unconditionally without any reservations.

7. Passion
They are very passionate about things they love. They are superfocused and superdedicated and don’t like any kind of interruption when they are engaged in their business.

8. Dreams
They want to be the astronaut, magician, pilot, sailor or anything. They want to travel, save the world like superman, and make it a happier place like Gandhi or Mother Teresa. But dreams don’t come at the cheap price. You need to leave your comfortable life. Kids know that fact and they are willing to leave their comfort zone for their dream. On another side, we are not.

If you don’t believe me, just ask any child, what he wants to be? And tell him the problem he will face. At the first, he might wear a dejected look, but after some time, he will answer, Will I became the magician after all that stuff?

9. Never Judge People
They never judge people on the basis of caste, creed, color, money or religion. For them, everyone is equally lovable, huggable and kissable.

9. Try. Fail. Repeat.
They know it’s okay to fail and failure is a part of the success journey. They don’t have any issue when they don’t get it at first attempt. They know they will eventually get it. And when they don’t get it, they will ask for the help. They will continue till they don’t reach their goal.

10. Plans
They don’t make plans. They actually don’t know what will they do in the next minute. So genuinely speaking, they don’t care about planning. They improvise things as they come to them and enjoy each moment.

11. Family
You know why kids share everything after school or play with their parents. Because they know if no one is going to listen to them or love them at school or play. They have their have families. They surely going to listen them. The one thing we forget over the time. The Family Love.

12. Cry A Little
It’s okay to cry, a bit. Let clear out the emotions. A cartoon show or a chocolate bar and then start it fresh.

13. Be Nice
You don’t need to be an absolute moron. Be nice, even to animals. Least, this is what you can do.

14. Deal With Negativity
They surely know how to deal with negative people. They will either punch on their nose or simply pick their toys up and move on. They don’t let anybody to consume their energy. They have many things to deal.

15. Be Grateful
They show their gratitude toward those who helped them and they never back out. They know how to stick by those who helped them.

16. Beginner’s Mind
They don’t pretend how things will work. They know they are not experts and have nothing to prove. They start it from the scratch and through practice, they ace it.

17. Live in the Moment
They know they can’t change the past and they absolutely don’t think about the future. They live in the moment, the very moment.

18. Enjoy Little Things
They know true happiness lies in the little things. They know how to enjoy every scoop of chocolate ice cream, how to splash water from puddles, and how to enjoy the rain.

Sharing is Caring
Sharing is Caring/Source: Resolute Support Media
19. Sharing
As I have mentioned earlier, they don’t believe in future prospective and any business model. They share things to make new friends and put a smile on the faces.

20. Sleep
Have you ever noticed how a child sleep? They sleep with their palms open. Like they don’t have anything to hold on. And when they wake up. They wake up with a genuine and sweet smile. Like you, they don’t look out for phone, newspaper or anything else.

21. Appreciation
They surely know how to appreciate people. Watch them during a basketball or football match. They appreciate every effort of the players, irrespective of their sides. They don’t think about the teams. All they think about the game.

22. Listening
They are very good listeners. Though they might not listen to your instructions. But they listen to the stories. And from those stories, they set their own standards.

23. Saying Sorry
If they are not pressured to lie, they openly accept their mistakes. They know it is okay to accept their fault and learn how to do it right on next time.

24. It’s Okay To Be Flawed
They know it’s okay to have flaws. They take it lightly when people mock them for their flaws. Because they know it really does not matter. It is the constant tease which irritates them.

25. It’s Okay To Say No
They know it’s okay to say no. They know it is not going to work if they fuss about things and half heartily say yes.

Things Adults Can Learn From Children: Break Rules
Break the Stereotypes/Source: Wonded Warrior Project
26. Break the Stereotypes
They surely know how to stand up against stereotypes. Think a bit outside of the box. And do it.

27. Not To Take Anything Seriously
They don’t take anything for serious. Scars are like badges for them. And it is always a game.

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