Facebook is not about Connecting with Friends but Ideas

Facebook Login By PDPICS
It was 4 February 2011, when my cousin and best friend asked me why I am not on Facebook? And to wonder, I even don’t know why I was not there. Partly, because I was happy with the Other Social Network, Orkut or because I don’t have that much friend in real.

With awkward smile I replied, “Don’t know.” On this, he snatched my 2730 Classic, and set up my Facebook profile. After setting up my Facebook profile, he searched himself, sent the friend request, and accepted. The first thing he does after that, he wrote on his wall, Happy Birthday Dear Cousin… You’re the Best Cousin I have got. Then, with his cell, he thanked himself. Oh Thanx Bro…

Within a week my friend list soared up from one to one hundred, and which is two fifty one in total, as if now. With Facebook, I became friend with people whom I never talked and in some cases, I never met them. I have done all crazy stuff as you expect from one on Facebook from binge watching updates to stupid Abki Baar sloganeering.

But five years later, the day when I first logged into Facebook, things have changed drastically. And when I say drastically, I mean that, even in terms of Facebooking.

I mean Facebook is a great way to connect with friends, but tell me how many of them, you are really in touch. How many friends of yours connect with you on a regular basis. Out of a thousand, and in my case, two fifty one, they are only three or four or maybe five, not more than that.

The reason, why we don’t connect with more than five friends. Because keeping friendship is a great deal of time, we need to invest a lot of time to keep up with all of them, and the time is the only thing, we don’t have right now. In case, we have time, it might happen, our friend doesn’t have that privilege.

So why we keep logging in to the Social Network? And the answer is to connect with Ideas. I have friends from all walks of life, and of different age groups. They share a lot of stuff, they share things about science, religion, life, psychology, things that are prohibited (NSFW) and things that are not (humor). They are interested in politics, and they are not. They are right wingers and they are left wingers, except a few, centrists, and some who don’t know which side they are.

The only reason I find Facebook, an interesting place, not friends, because friends whom I love, they know I am with them with or without Facebook. But the ideas they share. The ideas, that allows me to introspect myself, every now and then, and not been castrated to a single ideology.

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