#AwakenYourForce – Why Every Blogger Need To Have A Laptop

#AwakenYourForce – Why Every Blogger Need To Have A Laptop
I am not a big fan of laptops. And I am not ashamed to admit that I love my decade old 2005 assembled PC more than any laptop. Though, it is completely transformed, after innumerable major and minor gear changes. But the charm of decade old relation, doesn’t let me to get into the other things. But recently things have started changing for me, a bit. Things that made realize that everyone needs a laptop more than a desktop and here are the reasons why.

1. They are Personal
Not saying, desktops are not personal, they are the original PCs. But I think laptops now have redefined what personal computing is all about i.e. you are comfortably sitting in your nook, working on your project and then your neighbour-cum-cousin is here, start giving you some absurd feedback without even asking, and later his massi (aunt), your mother hops in, and then comes a point where you start thinking why are you working right now. You throw your project in the bin (sometimes literally) and go for a walk, puffing the Delhi Air.

But in case of a laptop, you can always pick them up, hit the nearby café, or some park or somewhere else where you can find the peace and you can work. So in that sense, for the sake of privacy, no feedback policy till work completes, and many such other reasons, laptops are more personal than desktops.

2. Ideas can Follow You Anywhere
Sometimes you don’t want to jot it down in your handbook, sometimes you want to get into the action as soon as possible. But that doesn’t happen in reality. Because you are stuck somewhere at Rajiv Chowk or Central Secretariat, thinking about rushing home as soon as possible and start working on the project. But then your thoughts get dwindled as you start thinking about the other things i.e. the bad odour and the man next to you.

But when you have your laptop with you, you don’t have to wait, you can order a café mocha at CCD Rajiv Chowk or sit somewhere in India Gate lawns and start working. In our cases, it is our next big blog post. And, with the new generation of laptops like HP Folio and HP Star Wars with backlit keyboard, you can even work easily in darkness, without pressing the wrong buttons.

3. They are Your Travel Buddies.
I now think, laptops are traveler’s essentials just like cameras, and they are pretty handy, in case of the bad weather.

As I told you earlier, that ideas can follow you anywhere, anytime. So sometimes, you don’t want to jot it down in your dairy alone. You actually want to write and share your experience with someone else. In our case, it is our readers.

But in the absence of your decade old love, your desktop, the only thing that comes to rescue you is your laptop. I mean you can transform your scribes in your brand new travel post, tweak some of your photographs, and also can find new places to explore (in case you are lucky) on your reader’s suggestion.

But they come truly handy in case of bad weather. I can tell you as I have gone through such a situation. All you can do with the bad weather is to sit inside your hotel room, and watch television shows in a language that you probably don’t understand. But when you have laptop with you, least you can watch movies, read blogs, play games, check out mails and other stuff.

4. No Need to Worry About Power Cuts
One thing that I truly love about laptops, that you can work without electricity. Charge them a bit, and they are ready to go on the mission BlOG WARS.

I admit I live in a place where power cuts are mandatory and you can’t do much about them. And here your USB inverter gives you only 15 minutes of power backup while fully charged. And here again, you can’t do much about them.

But it is not same with laptops, you can easily work without worrying about power cut, they are ready for the mission, anytime you want them. And as I mentioned you bit earlier,with laptops like HP Star Wars with illuminated keyboard, you can easily battle out the dark forces without any hassle, may the forces be with you.

I believe, that’s it. All I need to move on from my decade old PC to a new laptop, even how strong the charm is. Also, want to know what is your take, i.e. should one need to have a laptop or not?

Note: This post is my entry to IndiBlogger and HP Star Wars (http://www.hpshopping.in/starwars) #AwakenYourForce Challenge

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