Top 15 Gujarati Blogs That You Must Be Reading Now

Top 15 Gujarati Blogs
On side berth, there was a man seating with a book clothed in the red silk. He was looking at the fast moving world and constant sun through his window.

Don’t know, why? But I was bit fascinated by this man and the book in his hand. So, I went to him and asked, “are you reading?” He smiled and said, “sort of”  and then asked me, “you want to read.” To which, I nodded signaling a BIG YES.

The book was written in a highly stylized version of Hindi. And one of the most funny thing, every time when it is supposed to read hain, it reads chhe.

When I asked him, why it is so, he laughed a bit. Then told me, it is written in the Gujarati not Hindi. He read and interpreted the bare scribes in words to some 7 year old me. The book clothed in red silk was the Bhagwad Gita. It was first time, I had the Gita in my hand.

Though at that time, the Gita was not more than a book and Gujarati, a highly stylized version of Hindi for me. But they grew up with me, and now I know what they actually mean. Maybe this is why I am writing about Gujarati blogs in Indi blogosphere. In any case, if you like reading Gujarati, these gujju blogs are for you.

અક્ષરનાદ (Aksharnaad)
According to Jignesh, Aksharnaad is the sound of within. The sound of nature, wind, water, fire, and everything you can sense around. Or you can say, Aksharnaad is the sound of your consciousness. On Aksharnaad, Jignesh shares beautiful short stories and articles that inspires and motivates to find and hear that sound i.e. Aksharnaad.

The latest read on Aksharnaad… Difficulties.

દાદીમાની પોટલી (Dadima Ni Potli)
There is always someone in our life who have solution for every problem in this world. And somehow, they know what we really want. They are sort of anchor to our life. They are our Dadi and Nani.

Dadima Ni Potli by Ashok is sort of reminiscent of those solutions. Dadi Ni Potli is a little pandora box of stories that you once lived and now forgotten.

The latest read on Dadima Ni Potli – તારું નસીબ તારા સિવાય બીજું કોઈ નહીં ચમકાવે (Only You can Brighten Your Luck).

Good છે!
Good છે! is a satire blog by a gujju civil engineer, Adhir Amdavadi. The man also writes a satire column “Hasya Mev Jayate” in Gujarati Magazine “Abhiyaan”.

The latest rant by Adhir is માર્કણ્ડેય કાત્જુની પ્રેરકવાણી

Ashok Vaishnav’s Blog
There is a beautiful phrase, “lost in translation”. My Ma always complains about the lack of good reading material in Hindi.

If you have similar complaint like my mother, then Ashok Vaishnav’s blog is for you. On his blog, Ashok regularly posts some of the beautiful and inspirational reads in Gujarati for you. So you never feel lost in translation.

The latest read on Ashok Vaishnav’s blog is a story that teaches about celebrating one’s uniqueness.

મારા વિચારો, મારી ભાષામાં! (My Thoughts, My Tongue)
Mara Vicharo, Mara Bhasama by Kartik is a blog for you if you have a side for geek humor. Sometimes, the boy talks in the language of OSS and sometimes in the language of Wiki.

Kartik’s latest rant is about Beef Ban… જેવા સાથે…

The other blogs in the line are…
કુરુક્ષેત્ર (Kurukshetra) by B. R. Raol
અભીવ્યક્તી (Abhivyakti) by Govind Maru
અસર (Asar) by Yashwant Thakkar
મારી બારી (My Window) by Deepak Dholakia
Planet JV by Jay Vasavada
પિયુનીનો પમરાટ by Paru Krishnakant
શૂન્યતાનું આકાશ by Nivarojhina Rajkumar
દિનેશ પાઠક Blog by Dinesh Pathak
Net-ગુર્જરી By J. J. Kishor
ગુંજારવ by Gunjan Gandhi

Note: You can also check the top Hindi and Marathi blogs list, if you want to read some good blogs in Hindi or Marathi.



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