Indian Reservation System and A Solution To Caste Based Quota

Indian Reservation System and A Solution To Caste Based Quota
He blasted, “You are an OBC that’s why you are favouring the quota.” After he realized what he has said. He calmly told me, “I’m not talking about you but everyone else.” But the fact remains, “I am an OBC and I support quota system.”

The reason why I support the quota system is not because what category I belong, but because of some incidences which changed my whole perception. A so-called Kshtriya wiped out an entire village nearby Delhi of the scheduled caste community, just because he lost his sarpanch seat. A so-called Rajput boy molested a teenage girl of scheduled caste community and no one raised an eye. And these people flaunt their heinous acts as some kind of achievement. And a series of similar frustrating events which further cemented my support to the quota system.

Though, it is equally frustrating for me, when I see a candidate of no merit reaping fruits, just because of the reservation system. And that very moment, I also lose my cool and start cursing the government, parliament and whole system.

I am not here to defend anyone or to blame because it is already discussed thousands of times. I am here to present my views on what could be a better solution to present quota system. I will start with OBCs.

According to Mandal Commission Report, OBC population is about 52% but they only have 27% of quota. Though, it could be one side of the picture, most of OBC candidate able to compete in line with General category candidates. So looking at these two points, the OBC quota is pretty senseless.

In SC/ST, they have received quota in proportionate to their population estimate, 22.5%. And thanks to reservation system, we can sense some changes in these two categories, especially in urban or semi urban population. But when you look at the SC/ST population of rural India, there is not much change. And that’s why the whole SC/ST quota make sense.

The Solution
Plan A
1. Abolish OBC quota and introduce a quota for Economically Weaker Class, which include both OBC and Generals.

2. The new category based census should be released, there should be a rejig in SC/ST category, castes under SC/ST category which have outperformed their counterparts should be identified as General or OBC, not SC/ST.

Plan B
1. For OBC, there should be a depreciation of 3.3–5% each year in the reservation, and which will allow 20 to 30 year period to prepare rest of the OBCs in line with General category.

2. For SC/STs, there should be introduction of non-creamy layer system, so that affluent SC/STs not able reap the fruits of the reservation system.

3. After certain period of time, 20—30 years, there should be depreciation of 3.3–5% in SC/ST category as well.

4. There should be the introduction of reservation for Economic Weaker Class which include General and OBC, and quota vacated thanks to depreciation in OBC and later SC/ST categories, should be invested in this category.

Note: Yes, I belong to OBC category but I have never used my quota card. It is my personal choice to not exercise the OBC quota because I believe my parents have provided enough that I can survive without quota.

If you believe, you have a better solution for the quota system or something meaningful to say, please write it down in the comment section.

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