40+ Super Blogs by Indian Women Bloggers (Part – 2)

Indian Women Bloggers
40+ Super Blogs by Indian Women Bloggers
This is the continuation of the list, 40+ Super Blogs by Indian Women Bloggers i.e. the part-2. Hope you will like this part too as you have liked the first part.

21. Mere Desh Ki Mitti
Mere Desh Ki Mitti is a beautiful conversation blog, which talks about Good, Bad, and every little thing that is India. Sunaina Bhatia, the face behind this blog is a proud Indian who loves to share beautiful and inspiring stories of India but also not shy away from criticizing the sabbatical and rotten things of India.

The latest post on Mere Desh Ki Mitti is Drip Irrigation for the thirsty farms, Jaggery for the craving mouths – The story of a Village in India.

22. Between Write and Wrong
Stories, Stories and Stories, I believe, this is the motto behind this wonderful story blog by Sakshi Nanda aka The Story Teller. And in case if you want me to describe blog, little more. Nah, I believe its better to read the blog, then read its description here.

Her latest read is When Mister got Mandarin Ducks; A Dialogue

23. A Thinking Thinker
She is fresh. She is quirky. She is thinking thinker. She is Manisha Sharma. A thinking thinker by Manisha Sharma is one blog you should subscribe if you love quirky, fresh and lil’ zara hatke wali reads. One of my favorite post on A thinking thinker is How Connected Are We?. And one thing to add, she also writes in Hindi.

Her latest read is Scale of Idealism

24. Life of Leo
Life of Leo by Soumya Prasad is one simple and blatant blog and one you should have in your feedreader.

The latest post on Life of Leo is Tap The Impulse

25. Drishti
Drishti is a brainchild of Archana and Desh Kapoor, where Archana crafts beautiful haikus and short stories, And Desh pen some insightful articles on sports, movies, relationship and everything else.

The lastest on Drishti is Awakening, a beautiful haiku by Archana Kapoor.

26. Life and Its Experiments
Life and its Experiment, the blog by Ruby Singh is very much in line with Life of Leo. So if you like Life of Leo, I believe you will also like this blog too.

Her latest blog post is Every Woman is A Leader, Look Beyond the Sex of An Individual.

27. For His Shelf
So if you love to read short stories and poems that touch different shades of life in some or other way, then this blog is for you. Nimisha Garg, the author of this blog weaves words in such beautiful way, that it leaves you in want of more.

Her latest post is a poem about Love and Lust.

28. Bits & Pieces
Wanderlust is the main theme of this beautiful blog, I believe. Aditi, the face behind this blog crafts travel stories in such beautiful way that it creates an urge to live those moments by yourself.

Her latest post is from the Java Journey series, Karimunjawa Islands.

29. Chasing Sunsets
The name says it all, Chasing Sunsets, is another wanderlust thirsted travel blog by a group of four friends, Shilpa George, Sonam Samat, Roomi Kalita, and Nandhini Ganesan. So in case you are searching for another good travel blog like Bits & Pieces, then this is for you.

Their latest post is Yeh Hain Bombay Meri Jaan.

30. A Shade of Pen
A Shade of Pen is a repository of beautifully crafted poems by Shruti Fatehpuria. In case, if you want to know what I mean with the repository, read her 300th poem. Yup, 300th poem, A Night Owl’s Tale.

31. Monologue
Monologue is an army man’s blog, I believe so, because an army man’s wife is not less than the army man himself. Monologue is a beautiful blog by Aditi Mathur, who is a proud army man’s wife, and who love to share her life experiences, opinions, and other things, that matters in some or other way. And one more thing, she is a published author too, read her novel over here {Link}.

Her latest post on Monologue is 5 Truths About Being An Army Wife.

32. A Homemaker’s Utopia
I believe, A Homemaker’s Utopia is all about Good Books, Good Life, and Good Thinking. A Homemaker’s Utopia by Nagini is a beautiful book blog where you can find some lengthy reviews and great recommendations to your next read.

Her latest post is about The Fall by Albert Camus.

Other top blogs in line are
33. Hemu’s Art Blog by Hemalatha Venkatraman
34. A Borrowed Backpack by Divya Rai
35. Random Thoughts by Nabanita Dhar
36. My School of Thoughts by Jaibala Rao
37. Verve by Shreya Sudesh
38. Coffee With Mi by Vidya Suri
39. Wanderlust by Surya Raju
40. My World by Meghana Hassan
41. Between Cups of Coffee by Sandhya Suri
42. Ifs Buts And Etcs by Vinodini
43. Rachna Says by Rachna Parmar
44. A Musing By Purba Ray
45. Love Crush and Weekend Mania by Akshata
46. Lifestyle of A Professional by Ankita (I completely forgot this one ๐Ÿ˜€ )

Other Blogs that are not active but hope they will in future. And whose rss feeds you should subscribe are
47. The Unsolved Conundrums by Anshu Dhamiwal
48. Vanish Girl by Karanvir Kour

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