10 Thought Provoking Sketches By Inkology on India, Religion and BanWe

There is a new trend catching up in India, if there is something that challenges you and your belief, just ban that thing. And if someone questions you, just give them your age old mechanical reply, “because you are disturbing our cultural and secular framework, that’s why we ban you.”

But what kind of cultural framework, we actually want. A culture which allow us to adopt new things and discard old unjust beliefs. A culture which make us not to judge on the basis of caste, creed and birth but on the person’s ability. Or a culture which tells us to discriminate, ban and judge people.

Looking at current scenario, I believe, we are talking about latter kind of cultural framework. But in any case, if you feel you belong to first category of cultural framework, then Ban is not any kind of solution. It is kind of escape that will only momentarily shut the voices.

But to resolve any kind of issue, I believe we all need to calm down and talk. And Sebin, the guy behind Inkology, conveys the same. Sebin draws some beautiful and thought provoking sketches to raise the voice against the growing ban culture in India.
We were all humans
Hindu Muslim Sikh Isai
Leaders not Politicians
Moral Policing
Fashion or Fear
AIB Knockout Ban
Cartoon on Beef Ban
Beef Ban
Freedom of Speech
Artist Ban
Thoughts Banned
You can check more of the Sebin’s work at his website or facebook page.

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