True Meaning of Happiness, Coke and Momos By The Guru

True Meaning of Happiness, Coke and Momos By The Guru/Source: Wikimedia
He was new in the office, a short but well-built guy, always wearing a smile that can melt insane of the insanest. Guarav was his name. But nobody calls him by his name, they call him Guru. Don’t know, who first called him Guru and why? However, you can blame our boss for this. One day, he sneaked out from his cabin and shouted, “Can you tell me where is the Guru”. And then I believe, everyone started calling him, Guru. He is kind of guy who is always there for you, and knows what you need. He is like some guardian angel or sort of.

Now, fast forward to the first day of the third week of December, last year, it was raise day, either our salaries are going up or going down. And after the end of the day, list came out, with 37 ups and 4 downs and one remain same. And that unlucky one was me. Guru didn’t have the appraisal, because he has not completed probation period yet. And Guru didn’t give the damn about it. Though I was not happy because of not getting appraisal, but I was also sorry for a guy, Manoj whom I think deserve more raise than anyone else, but didn’t get it and don’t know why?

Guru was usual self, wearing his heart-warming smile, happy to serve coke and momos. We have coke and momos party, thanks to some happy kind unknown faces who work in some other department. I thought they got double raise, that’s why they are boasting off. I was not happy, and Guru easily realized that and asked, “Sir, don’t you want some free coke and momos?” And I nodded in disapproval and he asked Manoj, the same. Manoj in frustrated manner, “What Guru, can’t you see, and you are talking about coke and momos” Guru replies, “Bro, Happiness lies in sharing and caring, not in petty raises.”

Guru continues, how he used to work as a mechanic in some xyz motor company, and how he was not paid two week salary for no valid reason. And, how he was jobless for nearly two months before joining our firm. “It’s all about doing the best, believe in yourself, if things don’t go like you thought, approach it differently, do it better, and don’t sob like an annoying creep, try to live in the moment, try to live every moment with happiness, and share the happiness that you got, and celebrate with coke and momos, that life is offering you now for absolute free.” Guru ends with a smile.

Though that moment, I was still cursing them (the management), but as soon as we grabbed the coke and momos, we started talking about how we will going to throw a party, on next raise. But there is one thing, I also realized, how we easily panic, in spite of having certificates, degrees and everything else, and how a guy, with no-exceptional qualification enjoys the life.

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