Note To Self: Relax

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Note To Self: Relax
I was just watching him, Manaar, my six-year-old neighbor. The boy was busy at his work, completely unaware of any happening in the bigger world. And when I inquired him, what he is doing? In his little cute voice, he replied, Bhaia, I am trying to catch these butterflies, and now please don’t disturb.

As soon as he blurted out, don’t disturb, just to disturb him, I questioned, Okay… how many of them you have got until now. Little irked with my insubordination, he replied, Zero… Okay… Happy… Now don’t disturb. Otherwise, I will complain to aunt.

His reply teased me to poke him again, and I was going to utter something, but before I could do that, he shushed me. Manaar Babu in his little threatening voice warned me, I am going to aunt. Afterward, I stopped and assured him, I am not going to utter anything if he hears me out, once. Manaar Babu nodded in approval and I continued, you will not be able to catch her if she does not want to play with you. And if she wants to play with you, she will come to you without trying that hard. But shushing me, he replied, Okay… You are done… Now shut up. It made me laugh, but controlling my laughter, I started to enjoy the Manaar Babu show.

After minutes of battling, he sat beside me. Though I knew, he hadn’t caught her, but just to tease him, I asked, what happened? Looking at me, widening his eyes he shoots, don’t you know what happened? I got no butterfly. Assuring him, I asked him to relax, and reiterated myself, if they want to play with you, they will be with you. And in a minute or so, a beautiful butterfly, out of sudden, was hovering around me and Manaar. Moreover, she sat down on Manaar’s lap. I told Manaar, don’t be too excited, because it might frighten her and she will fly away. She was there for half an hour or so, dancing and playing with us. Once she rests on my hand, like she sensed that I have opened my hand for her. The moment was so mesmerizing that you only want to live in that moment and nothing else.

Though, the whole thing seems unrealistic but it is what really happened? The butterfly was playing with us, dancing all over us and the moment was so beautiful that it can’t be described in words.

However, it made me realize, this is what happen with all of us, i.e., me and you, on every other day. I mean we try to make things work but we fail. And we keep on trying to make them work but we fail repeatedly and miserably. So what we need to do. The answer is to Relax. You know, we already have the solution, but we are not able to get it, because we are too busy with ourselves. So stop trying hard, relax a bit and enjoy the life.

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