Best 5 Dating Apps India

Top 5 Dating Apps India
Best 5 Dating Apps India
Dating is not a new concept in India. And I can bet on this, because I have heard thousands of stories of those days when I was not there in the world and so does my great grandfather. Having said that, dating in India is something restricted to the elite class (higher middle class included). They have the dating-setting privilege.

Now, thanks to little changes in our culture and help of technology, there are thousands of things that have popularized dating in India. And in modern times, thanks to some wonderful iOS and Android apps, dating in India is more popular than ever. So if you are looking for those awesome iOS and Android dating apps, here are my top 5 picks for you.

1. Truly Madly
Truly Madly is an Indianfied version of the dating app, Tinder.

How things worked out for me on Truly Madly.
After a month of use, I found the app quite interesting. They show you lucky 10. Kind of 10 random matches. You can learn about their likes-dislikes and other preferences. And then all you need to push Like or Nope Button. If they like you, the app says it’s a match. And then you can exchange messages.

1. You can’t see her/his name. I think, which is good, because many people try to stalk you on Facebook, or Linkedin or somewhere, and then they try to send you a frandship request.
2. They have a trust score thing, based on your id proof, Facebook and Linkedin connection, and income proof ( the last one is little awkward, because I have stopped receiving cheques from my advertisers, all they prefer, wire transfer).

1. They hav a crappy messaging system, (Bhailog, kismet thodi si chamki thi, and then your messenger ruined it. Leave that.)
2. Only 10 matches a day, though it can be a good strategy to bring back your user to your app, but this is somewhat, crap. Bhai, I don’t get, why a person login again and again only to check ten matches, and most of the times, it’s not a match.

Truly Madly is available on Android, Windows Phone, and iOS (Update). And But if you want to check out, they also have a web version. you can get the Truly Madly app for yourself here.

2. iCrushiFlush (I Crush I Flush)
New But Quite A Fun.

How things worked out for me on iCrushiFlush
I don’t know, its only three days for me on this app.

And after a month of use, it didn’t work out.

1. You can hide your name and you can show it too. It’s in your control.
2. It’s damn simple like tinder but with two stage courtship, if you really like her, you need to send her some gift. It’s a sticker actually. And that’s how she will know that you like her.

1. Dude, these sticker cost you, and the pricing is ridiculous.
2. They don’t have screening system for fake profiles.

You can get the iCrushiFlush app here. But if it is not available on your mobile os, similar to truly madly, iCrushiFlush, also got online dating website for you.

3. Tinder
Tinder, You don’t get what you see. And you get what you see.

How things worked for me on Tinder.
Ahh……. Tinder is not for people with no cars and bike and good hairstyle. It’s strange, how many fake persona you find on Tinder. When I told my match, I don’t have a car of mine and even a bike, yet she promised me to meet (I thought how lucky I am), but this meeting never happened. About the second match, it was more of bullsh!t, leave that I can’t tell about that thing.

1. It works with a location based thing, you don’t need to update your location to get local matches, and that’s what I loved about the app. Every time, I am into new territory, they got me new matches.
2. It’s simple, all you need swish to left or right.

1. This thing works on face value, not your inner value (bhagwan ke liye ye baat na kar thakur, Angerzi Version: For Christ Sake, don’t talk about this thing Man). Sometimes, I believe everyone on Tinder is no brain and only pain.
2. I don’t know, but it feels sucks on Tinder if you don’t have something to show off.

Get tinder here.

4. Woo
There is nothing like Woo-Hoo.

How about things worked on Woo.
This is plain bullsh!t, similar to Tinder and indianfied. What they have got, Slide Up or Down, instead of swipe right or left.

Dude, there is nothing good to say about it.

1. The app is full of bugs despite being a copy of Tinder.
2. The app is full of bugs despite it has up and down to distinguish itself from Tinder. It’s not a Match.

Get Woo on your risk, here.

5. How About We Dating in Real World [NOT A DATING APP]
Yogi once said to me, "You don’t know when you find someone, gatecrashing in your life and being there with you forever." And then teasing me with a smile, when Vish, his girlfriend came there. Being girlfriendless (and bhaizoned) for life, I refused to argue on this topic, by saying India’s sex ratio is even weaker than China, so how you can say I will find one for me, and Delhi’s sex ratio is even weaker than the national average. Blame it on, Grandpas, and Grandmas Generation, For not having a girl in life. But teasing me again, Yogi said, “Rehne de Bhai. Tu par ad dal de. Chetan Bhagat ke aajkal khoob ad aa rahe hain". And he gave that Chetan Bhagat look, and we both burst into laughter… Leaving Vish, baffled why we are laughing.

I really think you can’t find someone on Tinder, truly madly or other dating apps like that. You find them when you meet them in real. I do have my fair share of luck, but then hard luck trolled me down. But I still believe, somewhere in some place, randomly, you will find her/him. Till then try to explore new places, get something good to read, listen to some good music. And make some new stories.


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