Money Vs. Human Values

money vs value of life
Money Vs. Value of Life
I asked him, “Uncle, your landlord is at home.”

The man was busy with his gardening tools.

I thought he had not heard me, so I repeat, “Uncle, your landlord is at home.”

He replied [in his baritone voice], “I am the landlord. Do you want anything, my son.”

It was bit awful. And sensing my nervousness, he started laughing.

He continued, “Look Son! It happens with me, all the time, you are not the only one. We easily get deceived by what we see, not knowing the reality.”

Now in a very polite manner, he asked me again, “What are you looking for boy?”

Pointing toward, “To Let” sign, I said, “I am looking for a room. Is that still available.”

Taunting me, he replied, “Yes, but do you think I look like a house help?”

And I nodded in approval.

He burst into the laughter and so I. We discuss some thousands of things and also the rent.

On that day, I realized that we have pre-defined images in our minds. We judge people on the basis of their money, possessions, and other worldly mundane things but not with their core values.

I first thought, he is just a house-help, but it turned out, he is my first landlord.

Image Credit: Old Man Laughing/Wikimedia


  1. Lucky you he was not Boman Irani type guy :-D

    1. Indeed, I was damn lucky. Yes, he was sort of Boman Irani, but chotta boman irani (Sorry Uncle, In case I have commented on your height). He was good man, with whom you want to spend your quality time.

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