Momos Walla: Man Who Failed To Sell Momos

Momos Walla: Man Who Failed To Sell Momos
He was standing still, in some kind of fear, or rather say in the fear of failure. He was asking everyone to taste his momos, but they were so busy that they simply ignored him. I don’t know, to them, he exists or not, probably not. Because every time when he appealed a new person, his voice was shattering down. His appeals getting weaker than his previous attempts and so on.

At the corner, I was standing there with my group. He also asked me to taste his momos, and like everyone, I also ignored his appeal. It was not that everyone has something to do. They were chilling with their friends, drinking soda, having chaat and chatting on their cell phones. Even I was doing same, along with my friends, having soda and chaat.

Even though I was not paying attention to him, but don’t know how he captured a spot in my mind, maybe because of his shattering voice, or his dejected outlook, he was successful at drawing my attention towards him.

Now I also can’t figure out the moment from when I was looking at him, his struggle to find a single customer, his dejected look at his uninked inventory book, and his unsold momos’ buckets. He was preparing some of them, just to inspect that everything is okay or not, and after a little inspection, he momentarily breathes in relief. But in very next moment, his struggle starts again, as he finds no one coming to his momos’ stall.

I don’t know why I was thinking in such a way but I somehow knew he is going to fail. For him, my heart was wishing a miracle. On other side, my brain was arguing, it is not going to happen. I knew, he eventually going to fail, not because there were already three food joints out there i.e. how he will going to survive with such stiff competition, but he doesn’t have anything special to offer except momos. He had no space, where people can sit and talk. It is a goddamn small hut, and top of all, no one is really noticing him.

I thought, these are enough reasons for his failure.

Somewhere we all start something that we believe going to be great, successful and happening. However, not many of us are so lucky to find the glory that we are hoping, we eventually lose the game, and we don’t have answer, why we failed? Because everything was great. But the question arises, Really?

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