How To Be Successful?

How To Be Successful?
It was 7:17 in the morning. And we were heading back to Rahul’s home, after not so rigorous yet tiresome workout.

On the way to his home, we spotted a Dhabba or be more specific Chintu Ji Chaiwale Ka Dhabba. We stopped there for some light snacks and asked Chintu Ji for two cup of chais and a parle-g, but Rahul suddenly stopped him and canceled the order.

He asked me to accompany him.

It was typical Rahul, and when I asked him, "why?".

He just pointed on the other side of the bank and when I asked him, what you are pointing to?

Rahul, “Bhai, Can’t you see those mangoes?”
Me, “Where? Where are the mangoes?”
Rahul, “Bhai, just there, can’t you see those damn mango trees.”
Me, “Bhai, I don’t know how a mango tree looks like, so how I can tell about them? But if you tell me, I will definitely figure them out.

Inside me, “What the hell? Being 20 something and you don’t know, how a mango tree looks like?”

On that day, I came to learn the real meaning of what my amma used to say, “Kuye ke mendak ko nadi ka kya pata.” This is what happen when we don’t explore new things, and due to lack of knowledge, we miss the opportunities and regret.

Rahul: "Bhai, what are you waiting for? Come on, Jump in? Let’s grab those damn awesome mangoes [with a smirk]."

Meanwhile asking Chintu Ji, we will have tea and snack after we will grab those mangoes? And asking him for mangoes, if he also wants some.

Chintu Ji, "Nahi Bhaiyaji, Aap khayo, hum thik hai." [You enjoy, I am okay with it]

Rahul asking me to jump in as he was already in the water.

Me, “Bhai, I don’t want to.”
Rahul, “You are coming or I am pulling you in.”
Me, “Please! Bhai”
Rahul, “But, Why?”
Me, “Because I don’t know, how to swim?”
Rahul with his little devilish laughter, “What the ….? Dude, you are 20 something Saand and you don’t how to swim.”
Me, “Isme hasne wali kya baat he? [Is there any kind of joke I am telling you?]”
Rahul, “All Okie Dokie, but jump in”
Me, “I have told you Bhai, I don’t know how to swim. Why are you pulling my leg?”
Rahul, “Bhai, I am not pulling your leg, just asking you to jump. If you don’t jump in, how will you learn swimming? And how will we grab those f…. awesome mangoes? And I am not going without you?”
Me, “Okay”

Though after bit hesitation, I jumped in. But I was not able to swim. The water level was of waist height and stream flow was slow, so I was able to walk literally. And this is what I did.

On return, after grabbing those delicious mangoes, I tried to flip and achieved some success.

Today, I am not that good swimmer like Rahul, but I can swim. All thanks to Rahul and those delicious mangoes.

That one day changed a lot in me and make me learn that you can’t achieve something unless you try.

Just like somebody has said, “Success come to those who dare and act.” In life, if you want to be successful, you need to grab the knowledge, you need to try with your 100% effort. And you will find the glory.


  1. Very nice story with a strong message. Hope you have learnt something. :)

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