3 Things I have Learned From Grandmother

3 Things I have Learned From Granny
3 Things I have Learned From Grandmother

Today I am starting a post series about my biggest influences and things I have learned from them. From this post series, you will come to know about me (partially) and how these things have influenced my life (to some or large extent). And to start this post series, I have decided to start with things I have learned from my Nani (Grandmother).

My Nani is the biggest influence in my life and she was mine first friend, first teacher and first guru after Ma. Though I can't really tell, how valuable she was for me. But there are things I have learned from her, and which have shaped me to become a better man. So here are those things or you can say life lessons for you.

Righteousness is only Religion.
Nani always used to say, there is no bigger religion than Righteousness. It does not matter whether you belong to Hinduism, Islam, Christianity or Sikhism, Righteousness always be the supreme one. Religion only makes you a social man [a society, abide by some set of rule]. But righteousness makes you the real man, surpassing any rule or anything. And if you follow righteousness, good things happen to you.

Smile is the Best Remedy.
Smile is the best remedy to any problem. There is nothing in this world which you can’t face without a smile. Smile, not only gives you the inner strength but also make your problem, an opportunity not a mess. So Smile, Why? Because you can.

Find Yourself. You Will Find The God.
Find yourself. And one day, you will find the god. We always ask how I will find the god or things like that. But we never ask ourselves, what we are doing here and how do we find ourselves? Nani used to say, if you try to find yourself, you will find the god. God does not live in the temples, churches or mosque. He lives in your heart, in my heart, or rather I say, in every human being’s or animal heart or everything he made. So do the good things and you will find yourself and when you will find yourself, you will find the God.

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