25 Powerful Two Word Phrases

Sometimes, you don’t need thousands of words, only two words can do the magic. Only two words can provoke the emotions and motivate you to do the great things. And here are those two words for you.

be yourself two word phrases
Be Yourself
1. Be Yourself.
Be yourself. Because everything in the world is just taken. So be yourself.

move on two word phrases
Move On
2. Move On.
Move from your past, your anxieties, your failures, you have cried enough. Now move on.

free yourself two word phrases
Free Yourself
3. Free Yourself
Free yourself from guilt of the past. The new world and new things are waiting for you.

come back phrases
Come Back
4. Come Back
No need to run away. Come back for those who were always with you.

look up phrases
Look Up
5. Look Up
Look up, the heaven is waiting for you. And you know this 🙂

dream big phrases
Dream Big
6. Dream Big
Don’t dream small. Dream big. Dream big as much as you can. Chase them and live them. All you need to trust yourself.

start living phrases
Start Living
7. Start Living
Start living and start living in this moment. Because if you don’t start living now, how you will move from the past and look forward to the new life. So start living and enjoy the life.

i am quotes
I Am
8. I am
I am what I am. Don’t you ever accept someone’s definition of you and also never change for them. You know who are you, all you need to do, go chase your dreams.

define yourself quotes
Define Yourself
9. Define Yourself.
Define yourself. Define your attitude. Embrace the positivity and live in this wonderful moment.

be happy quotes
Be Happy
10. Be Happy
Be Happy. Because you have every right to be so.

be fearless quotes
Be Fearless
11. Be Fearless
Be Fearless, because it is your time.

accept yourself quotes
Accept Yourself
12. Accept Yourself.
Accept yourself, because only when you accept yourself, the world will accept you.

i can quotes
I Can
13. I Can
I can because you know, you can. Accept the challenge and defy the odds.

beat me if you can quotes
Beat Me
14. Beat Me.
The attitude defines it all, say beat me if you can and you will never be bored in life.

stay positive quotes
Stay Positive
15. Stay Positive
Stay positive, no matter what’s going on. Believe in yourself, there is always a way around.

trust yourself quotes
Trust Yourself
16. Trust Yourself
Trust yourself. Trust your abilities. Trust good things do happen in life. Trust me that I trust you.

work hard quotes
Work Hard
17. Work Hard
Work hard, and work smart. Work till you find the glory.

be honest tumblr
Be Honest
18. Be Honest
Be honest. Don’t monger over the past. Accept your flaws. Flaws are beautiful. And define your worth.

game on tumblr
Game On
19. Game On
Say game on. Gamify your life. Go for the glory.

don't stop tumblr
Don't Stop
20. Don't Stop
Don’t Stop, you are already waiting for a while. Let’s not waste any more precious time.

stay strong tumblr
Stay Strong
21. Stay Strong.
Adversities are here to test your character. All you need believe yourself and stay strong.

try again
Try Again
22. Try Again
Try again and try again. What happen if you failed, just try again and again and again, till you find the glory.

lets go quotes
Lets Go
23. Lets Go
Lets go for the things, you have missed. Lets go for the life again.

enjoy life quotes
Enjoy Life
24. Enjoy Life.
Enjoy your life, because God only made men to enjoy life.

thank you quotes
Thank You
25. Thank You
How many times, you have said these two words “THANK YOU”. Say now. Say thank you to those, who loved you, and supported you.

And that's it. :)

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  1. It is a very nice set of photographs and phrases Hemendra :).. It looks so neat and so much in theme as well. I love the work hard one! :)

  2. I must say one thing, we really don't understand the importance of these words, but the pictures with each line is really amazing and makes them self explanatory. :) Great collection. Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Now those are some Important words. I don't understand the "Moving on" a very complicated issue that one ..
    but apart from those Excellent set of words one that we need to keep in mind :)


  4. That was great. It is quite difficult to start realising these words but the moment you read them it gives you a push like"WHY NOT"
    And I like that push

    Thanks for the motivation

  5. Excellent examples of "the POWER of words!" I used these to teach how words can create change or empower us and just be powerful. They are also all two-word sentences too!

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