21 Simple Yet Powerful Five Word Quotes

There is a beautiful thing about words, if uttered, they are just meaningless mumblings that one can forget in mean time, but if used properly, they can change and inspire someone to do something unthinkable. However simple these words are, they always have power to change.

five word quotes pereception
1. We See What We Want

We See What We Want
Sometimes we act so negative, that we see negativity everywhere, and we forget about the good things in our life. We blame people for our bad decisions, and we also don’t stand by with those who were with us in our bad time. We always complain, and meanwhile the opportunity leaves without making any noise. Try to live positive, and try to infuse positiveness in your life, and from then you will see the change.

be gentle 5 word quotes
2. Be Gentle With Yourself

Be Gentle With Yourself.
Don’t blame, don’t criticize, don’t punish yourself for what has done. And just change the way you think, it happened because it ought to be happen, and it happened because it came as a learning to you. So learn from what is done and move one, mark for a new territory.

be genuine 5 word quotes
3. Accept Yourself Always Be Genuine

Accept Yourself Always Be Genuine.
The first thing to do, is to accept yourself. Acceptance is the first big step in moving forward, and moving forward to become a happy person. It is not what other think, it is always about you, how you perceive yourself, first you accept yourself, you will see everything will change meanwhile soon.

chance favors the brave
4. Chance Favors the Prepared Mind

Chance Favors the Prepared Mind
It is a popular saying that Chance favors the brave, but chance actually not favors the brave, it favors the prepared. The brave, they are talking about is not someone who takes impromptu decision, it is one who is prepared. Prepare yourself, learn new things, and bang when the opportunity comes.

just believe 5 word quotes
5. Don’t Be Afraid. Just Believe.

Don’t Be Afraid. Just Believe.
Don’t afraid to take chances. And especially don’t afraid about failure. Everyone falls while taking his first step, pedaling the bicycle for first time and many more things. All that matter is you believing you, that if not in first attempt, or second or third or fourth, but you will do it somehow. Just believe in yourself.

failure short quotes
6. Failing is not always failure

Failing is not always a Failure.
What happen if you failed. I can see nothing have changed. I believe everything is almost same as it was. You failed, it is just like that. But what is really happened, that you tried, and you have learn something, you will be more prepared on next time and eventually you are going to rock next time.

second chance quotes
7. Everyday is a Second Chance

Everyday is a Second Chance
We talk about second chances, but I believe there is a second chance, everyday. With every new day, every sunrise, you have a chance, a second chance that you are looking for. It is just the matter of fact, you need to look upon.

inspiring 5 word sayings
8. You Always Have A Choice

You Always Have A Choice
Don’t say that you don’t have a choice, you always have a choice. It is your choice that put in your current position. And if you are going to utter, that this is because of their choices, you are again wrong it was your choice to accept their choices. So this time, don’t say you don’t have a choice, don’t be afraid, just make your choice, and make it count.

you are amazing quotes
9. You Are Amazing Remember That

You Are Amazing Remember That
What makes you really awesome is YOU. You are pretty amazing in your way, what if you have made choice that doesn’t work out. But you know, why they believe in you, because they think you are amazing, and you can pull of this thing. And I also believe in the same.

wake up quotes
10. Wake Up and Be Inspired

Wake Up And Be Inspired.
So Wake up, leave the bad memories behind, and live inspired.

blessings quotes
11. Realize How Bless You Are

Realize How Bless You Are
Just count how many people supports you, how many people think you can do whatever you want to, how many people actually loves you, how many people smiles when they see you. I believe, they are too many. And if don’t, try to change. Put some pink colored shades, and have some positivity in you.

five word sayings
12. Never Forget About Your Passion

Never Forget About Your Passion
What is more important than success or failure, is your passion, the hunger you have, to achieve something, to create something, the hunger that defines you. You could be anything, a writer, sportsman, teacher, politician, entrepreneur or anything you wish to be. It is important not to forget what you want.

relax soul quotes
13. Relax… Listen To Your Soul

Relax… Listen To Your Soul
Now is the time to do the things, get your hands little dirty, not because I am telling you, because you know it. And it is important to know, when to strike, so whenever you need to make any tough decision, relax… and listen to your soul.

success inspirational short quotes
14. Success is the Greatest Revenge.

Success is the Greatest Revenge
Success is the greatest revenge to your enemies, critics and all failures. Success will announce your name to the world, that you have arrived. So this, its all about success.

remember who you are lion king
15. Always Remember Who You Are

Always Remember Who You Are
There is a thing about success, it comes with an ego, ego which can channelize your energies into negative thing again. Everything will be taken from you, if you fall in the trap of ego.

less needs quotes
16. All You Need is Less.

All You Need is Less.
Less Ego. Less Needs. Less Showoff, all you need. Little bit is okay, but too much of ego, needs and persona build up can also kill you. Less you show is more you happy.

let go quotes
17. Learn To Let Go Sometimes

Learn To Let Go Sometimes
There are times, when things don’t go in our way, so just let them be what they want to be, allow them to let go, and if they are true, they will come back to you.

happiness short qoutes
18. Happiness Equals Reality Minus Expectation

Happiness Equals Reality Minus Expectation
The true happiness lies in not expecting. Because with expectations, there comes negativity, fear, tension, and ego, which is ultimately harmful and creates unnecessary worry.

no place like home
19. There’s No Place Like Home

There’s No Place Like Home
You know, what I mean. A home where the people you care and love the most are waiting for you.

life short quotes
20. Life is But a Dream

Life is But a Dream
In the end, it is not that your success or failings count, but it is the moments that you live, that counts. The moment you feel infinite.

short inspirational quotes
21. Look Closer. It’s Worth It.

Look Closer. Its Worth It.
And if you don’t understand, what I really mean. Go to the mirror, and look at the face, the face who wants to smile. If not, look little bit closer, and you will know its worth it.

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