Friday, September 28, 2012

Google Authorship and Author Rank Explained

Google Authorship and Author Rank Explained
Google has silently launched a Klout like social impact measuring algorithm called Author rank. But with the announcement of Google Author Rank, Google is being bombarded with Google Author Rank and Google Authorship related queries. Likewise, what is Author Rank and what it really does. Does it have any impact on my blog and so on? So here I have drafted a post explaining about Google Authorship and Author Rank. Just hope you get it right. ;)

What is Google Authorship?
Google Authorship is a method developed by Google, by which you can verify Google that you are the original creator of the content and so Google can set the relationship between the original content anywhere on the web with your Google+ profile.

What is Google Author Rank?
Where as Google Author Rank is the measurement of your social impact on the basis of your Google Authorship i.e. A Google score on the basis of topic, you are actively writing in. This ranking score is a sort of trust evaluation, calculated on the basis of your content engagement in the topic and with the end reader. In simple words, Google Author Rank is measurement of Google Authorship.

Do Google Author Rank impact Google Search Rankings?
Though there are no sign of Google using Author Rank in their search results yet, but you never know when Google start using Author Rank algorithm in their search rankings.

So what’s now?
Now get yourself ticket booked in Google+, and verify your Google Authorship with your content. If you really care for Google Search Rankings and if you not, there is no need to take the panic.

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